Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing

Levy Industrial has years of experience studying industries and markets. We’ve created three Strategic Performance Points to help clients explore ways to increase sales, boost profitability, reduce costs, improve productivity, and spur innovation.

1. Mission/Vision

Aligned Vision/Mission. Why should a customer, an employee, an investor, or any stakeholder want to interact with your company? Is your mission/vision/ambition clear and exciting? Is it achievable?

2. Market Map

Aligned sales and marketing plans to focus on strategic customers. Identify “where to play.” These are the intersections of end-market, geographies, customers, and applications that are most attractive to your company, based on internal capabilities and competitive insight.

From there, we identify “how to win.” Levy Industrial analyzes where your company tends to win the most or lose the most and why? Is your USP or unique selling proposition working well? Is it quantified? Proven? Battle tested?

3. Product Roadmap

Aligned product portfolio with “where to play and how to win.” What is truly required in your current portfolio? Do you have gaps? Can you prune some products/services to make room for others? How can you create new value? Are you going after new customers with existing solutions or new solutions to existing customers? How can you disrupt the status quo and create a new market? These are some of the questions we’ll explore.

Aligned resources. Levy Industrial will help you identify the necessary resources, explore options, develop differentiated/disruptive solutions, and then apply the necessary marketing tools to grab mindshare and open wallets. Let’s explore. Contact Levy Industrial now for an appointment.

Levy Industrial has the strategies, metrics, and the vertically specific knowledge to fuel the sales cycle.