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Keep Your Hive Humming

Through GrowthHive, you’re benefiting from more than 30 years of experience helping clients meet their strategic marketing objectives.


We help you determine where your customers go for information, how they like to learn about your products or services and what they want to know. We also create content that allows you to “pollinate your markets.”


After you’ve determined where the beehives of activity are in your target markets, we help you strengthen your presence among buyers and influencers by showing them why they should do business with you instead of someone else, and how you can solve problems or relieve pain to make their lives easier.


Remaining top-of-mind among target audiences requires continual reminders of what your product or service is, how it’s best used and why it's the best. LEVY has the mindset and expertise to help you create content that continually attracts, engages and delights your customers and prospects.

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Think of ROMI first. On one end, you invested in marketing to generate sales, and on the other end, you should expect sales from those leads. The idea is to have way more sales (10X minimum) than you invested in the program to have a positive return.

To get more sales, other than adding more sales staff or more marketing activities (which may be needed), we can also work on what’s called “conversions.” Conversion is the ratio of qualified leads turned into sales. The basic premise is that by facilitating the customer buying journey, we’re getting more sales, faster.

Over the years, more so recently, we’ve embraced all kinds of new tools and weeded out almost as many. One of our strategies, for the past two years, was and will continue to be a place to test advanced marketing, sales technology, and processes for our clients. Why would you buy from us if we’re not using it ourselves? Simple right?

As a result, we expanded our services, mostly at client’s requests, into CRM installs, CRM improvement, and what we call “Uber Automation” as a catch-all for the impossible made possible.

Create Your Custom Hive.

If you want to customize one of the packages to meet your specific needs, we would be happy to do so. At LEVY, flexibility is a way of life and now more than ever, adaptability is key to success.

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ROMI or Return on Marketing Investment is the contribution to profit attributable to marketing (net of marketing spending), divided by the marketing dollars invested. Quite simply, ROMI is the cash flow you’ve generated for every dollar spent on marketing.

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Because GrowthHive uses the latest digital technology, you can be assured that we will continually manage with maximum precision the resources you dedicate to your marketing initiatives. We also measure in real time the results those efforts produce and make any adjustments that may be necessary. Starting at $2950.



The amount of time it takes for your investment in GrowthHive to generate results depends upon a variety of factors, including the markets you’re targeting and the mission-critical nature of your product or service. To ensure that GrowthHive meets your expectations, we work with you closely to project when you should see the desired results.

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Our Marketing Calculator can help you understand the level of marketing activity necessary to achieve your revenue goals. This tool helps you get better value for your marketing investment and increases accountability among your team members by revealing ways they can add value to your customers’ businesses.

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