We Manufacture Relationships

Levy Industrial’s hallmark is a powerful combination of relationship building and marketing expertise. We’re tenacious in helping you find new customers and uncover hidden opportunities through new marketing and distribution channels. With more than three decades of work and 250 years of collective experience with companies, like yours, Levy Industrial has what it takes to enhance your brand, influence your customers and sell your prospects.

Francois Gau

Owner, President & CEO

Francois Gau is owner, president and CEO of Levy Industrial. For more than 20 years, he delivered impressive »

Lisa Wittig

VP, Creative

Lisa has been with Levy Industrial for more than 28 years. As vice president and creative director, her leadership and oversight »

Dave Levy

Key Accounts

Dave Levy launched Levy Industrial more than 30 years ago after honing his skills as an advertising »

Todd Miller

Public Relations Manager

Todd joined Levy in 1990 as director of public relations after serving as a former lobbyist for the Chemical Manufacturer’s »

Deborah Stein

Brand Manager

Deborah has been with the firm since its inception and offers expertise in strategic planning, copywriting and branding »

Dan Kerekes

Senior Art Director

Senior Art Director Dan Kerekes, an accomplished graphic designer with more than 20 years of experience, launched his »

Myriam Gau

Marketing Manager

Myriam creates strategic campaigns to convert leads into customers using marketing automation and social media. »

Trisha Etherington

Account Manager

Account Manager Trisha Etherington joined Levy Industrial in 2008 after working as a circulation sales and »

Amanda Uhme

Account Manager

Amanda joined Levy Industrial in 2015 as an Account Manager. A graduate of the George Washington University, she »

Benjamin Walsh

Manager, Digital Services

Benjamin joined Levy Industrial in 2016 as a Web Developer, building polished websites with a focus on user experience and »

Michael Bosco

Database Specialist

Michael Bosco is an interactive developer, working on the front end of sites. He is a graduate of ITT. Mike’s into fantasy »

Cathy Snyder

Web Developer

Cathy Snyder is a web developer with a print and design background. She covers the front-end design and »

Jim Silverton

Technical Advisor

As a recent addition to our staff, Jim comes with quite a background in the operations of the galvanizing area of a wire manufacturer. He oversaw the hot dipping in a molten bath of liquid zinc. He is always up to his »

Levy Industrial has the strategies, metrics, and the vertically specific knowledge to fuel the sales cycle.